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Sunday, 6 June 2021

Sonic Youth reset.

Back in 1991, I felt pretty set in my music taste. 80's indie and alternative music, peppered with some pop, rock , punk etc divergences, The Velvet Underground, The Doors...

In 1991 at the age of 25, I quit my office job to go back to college for a couple of years, and then off to uni. 1991/2 were pretty uncertain times for me. I really didnt know if I'd done the right thing or not. Music, reading, a bit of running and wine and beer became my grounding.

Anyway, all of my class mates ranged in ages of being between nearly nine years younger than me, to being four years younger than me. So I picked up a lot of new music. One of the bands I picked up were from a young woman, whose name I totally forget, who wasnt in my class, but I remember totally fancying. Those of us who smoked (at that time I was a smoker during drinking time, or if i felt stressed), would smoke under the cover of the recess at the front of the college. This dark haired, brilliantly individual girl used to stand with us and talk to me about music. I had enough alternative kudos I suppose. She was a Romany. Her family were originally from Hungary, which I knew little about. The wall had really only just come down, and the east was beginning to demystify. She told me about Budapest, a place I'd not really known anything about (and a place I visited at the end of that school year), and the racism her family suffered there, but we mostly spoke about music. And she raved about Sonic Youth. She taped their latest album, Goo, which I played over and over again for about two years, and I dipped in to some of their earlier stuff.
One day, sharing a feyg, sheltering from spring rain, she told me her brother had been murdered in Budapest ... Pushed out in front of a tram in a racist attack, and she said her family were going over to bury him, and sort out his stuff. And I never saw her again.

I'm in the middle of reading Girl in a Band by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, and so far I'm loving it. It's honest, and beautifully descriptive of her life (so far) as a teenager in the late sixties in various places (LA being formative).

And it has reminded me of the Romany girl, someone I'd kind of forgotten along the way.

Anyway, look up Goo on your music streaming provider, or listen on YouTube HERE

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