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Monday, 31 May 2021

Shoe gazing...

I had no idea i was in to "shoe gaze." I just thought it was bloody cool. Like nothing else. JAMC, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Japan, The Associates, Wah!, Cocteau Twins, Mercury Rev, Luna, The Cranberries, The Waterboys...

I had no idea I was a post punk, new wave, goth, grunge, Brit Pop, or what ever else passionate, working class music was packaged as. 

I find these labels weird. Odd. Someone comes up with an innovative sound that is then labelled and then others then shoehorn plastic for profit bands into it. Little temporary shiny boxes. I just think that in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and early to mid nineties there was an explosion of great melodies around a few chords... Innovation ... Working class dreams... Of which aspects were then distilled, bottled, packaged and we identified with it... Got lost in it for three minutes.

I listen to some new stuff, you know the stuff.. The autotuned anthems of stage school graduates on Radio One or Two (I only listen to Radio One by mistake nowadays) ... that stuff that makes it to the mainstream and feel sad that talent is caged by profit margins and diagrams of directions in how to make instant hits for cash on producers walls.

Perhaps the era of rock 'n roll or rock or innovative pop or whatever we can label young, rebellious stories of love, hate, politics, destruction and creation, is coming to an end. Perhaps we just have to let it have a good death and hold on to what we loved about the creative explosion of the past seventy years and allow whatever is happening now, happen. But much of it really isn't rebellious, working class rock and roll, your parents didn't get, eh? I just dont get the mundane. The sameyness. The disposible. Sameness... The need to control, closed systems, the need to have packaged, sensible middle class formulaic one hit wonders who compose music for adverts .. Closed, controllable systems that create guaranteed  profit that allow no diversity. The death of innovation. 

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