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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Things can only get better...

I've had an absolutely awful time over the past few months. Deaths (two lovely friends Ian O, and Tracy C, from my younger days have died in the past few weeks, and my dad died last year), illnesses, depression, anxiety (and all of that has had an incredible, negative impact on my interactions with people at home and in work) .

But good news really must be celebrated, and I have had four pieces of that in the past few days.

1 I am having my jab on Friday.

2  I won the lottery twice in the past few days.   £2. 70, and £10 respectively.

3 My son just got a job with Morgan Stanley.

4 We decided, after much soul searching not to have Cody put down . This was a really difficult decision ... And we had booked the injection twice. But we have decided that he may be quite incapacitated, but he aint ready and wheels it is, for him! 
Those last two pieces of news are from today and really are the most fantastic, happy, soul lifting things to report.

I am super proud of Michael. It has been very stressful for him. Interview after interview over Zoom/Teams really was getting to him. In the end, three different parts of Morgan Stanley were competing for him and he had a choice. I'm living in a house with two geniuses.   

And I'm absolutely over the moon to have Cody for another while. The Cody death sentence was absolutely awful. There is life in the old dug yet.

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