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Saturday, 20 March 2021

Joy Division

Im not sure how Joy Division became my "core" group. But they did, back when Love Will Tear Us Apart came out. I thought when I first heard it that it was the most amazing sound around at the time. Urgent. Important. Layered. And when I saw the band performing on a late night "grown up" music TV programme in 1980 (I think), I was blown away. And they, and later New Order, became part of me.

I've written lots, but not enough, about them. (I really must update my index page, above!)

Anyway, I wrote this post on Facebook...

"Although Joy Division's songs were not overtly political, and Curtis had been, like many working class people persuaded to vote for Thatcher (admittedly unaware of the decimation her government would carry out on working class communities), I always think of the production and feel of Unknown Pleasures and Closer as a commentary on the bleakness of the smashing of the UK's industrial base and working communities in the late seventies and early eighties.

Art really does at times, thrive in seeming hopelessness and Thatcher's Britain, her solutions to post war industrialism, certainly freed up young people to either create, or destroy (and mostly destroy themselves in the hell of addictions and self destructive activity). JD's haunting, stark, beautiful music was a soundtrack to my teenage years in Thatcher's Ulster. As was the hopefulness of New Order. Politics have at times ground me down, or offered hope... But Joy Division and New Order narrated those  times for me.

(photo, Joy Division played at a Rock Against Racism gig in October 1978)"

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