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Sunday, 14 March 2021

Fuck Farage.

What to say about this ...

I wouldn't normally post anything this man has uttered. He is a proto-fascist, racist, narcissist who was given way too much coverage by the BBC because at first, they thought it was almost incredible what he was getting away with saying. Then, because their parameters of what is neutrality are totally set wrong, they took a stance of neutrality between his lies and bigotry, and truth. Its like one person saying, "The sky is green polka dot," another saying, "no, the sky is blue, here is the science of light refraction..." and taking a neutral stance in that. You can't. You shouldnt. And as a news organisation, it should be the factual you report. Racism and historical distortion became as valid as truth in the UK, in a similar way it did under Trump in the USA. We have a huge problem (and Facebook and its profit making algorithms have a massive part to play in that. The massacre of the Rohingya people really wont be the only sectarian genocide Facebook creates if they are to continue this profit before truth trajectory). 

Farage's lies and distortions and disruptive bending and breaking of anti racism and equality laws, then became the way the right felt they could impose a nationalism that rescued and preserved a system so rancid, that most countries of the world ejected it two hundred years ago. A system that closes us off from the world, and imprisons our working class. The beauty of it all for the rancid people who promoted it, is that it preserves their privilege and by playing on base, uninformed xenophobic economic myths (*they come here taking your jobs and using our nhs*) they can make a pretence of reform while selling off everything they pretended to protect.

Many vulnerable people took their simplistic, hateful solutions to heart and helped them wreck an outwardish looking social democracy. Unfortunately those people will understand too late, when (for example) they begin to pay for services our superb system paid for through taxation... And foriegn travel becomes a bureaucratic nightmare . These things, are now happening, plus my home nation, Northern Ireland is beginning to suffer from what has been imposed (though the narrative is already, "the EU are doing this to us." Tories, nor Farage really give a shit about Ireland- they havent for many, many years... There is a pretence of doing so when they need the foolish Unionists votes in Westminster.).

This statement about royalty is breathtaking in its ahistoricity and its racism. A whole continent, Africa, still suffers today because of the history of our Aristocratic rulers greed. America still suffers because of our Aristocratic rulers trade in slaves, kidnapped from their homes and treated like some sort of lower form of life. Farage's jingoism and racism is all about blaming poverty on the poor, and racism on the targets of racism. 

I find it shocking and beyond sad when I see people sharing this man's utterances. Family members of mine died fighting the fascism this man extols and exudes.

If Scotland does not become independent from the awful system that has normalised fascism in England (with leakage into Scotland, Ireland and Wales), i cant see us remaining in the UK, because the hatred and lies these people vomit will only become worse, and it is going to become a very unsafe place to live for more and more people.

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