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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Old men no longer...

I remember when Peter Sellers died. I was in Majorca with my family. We were sitting outside a cafe, and I read the news in a British newspaper, which probably meant, because British newspapers came to Mallorca a day late, I found out two days after he died. I remember being saddened by this. I had recently read "Being There." And had watched all of the Pink Panther movies. 
I was 14. Seller's age never really entered my head at the time. He was old to me. 

I'm not sure why this popped in my head... But when I looked up Wikipedia to confirm that this was in July 1980, I realised that I am now nine months older than he was when he died. 

That seems extraordinary. This man who had lived through WW2 and who had had this incredible career and odd, sad, wild life, died at 54. I look at photos of him and really dont think of him as younger than I am now. Come to think of it, the same goes with quite a few people who died younger than me. Jim Morrison, Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix... All seem older, for some reason.

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