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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Culture War

Awful. Dahl really was a nasty wee posh man. Though of course, these views were held by many upper middle class people, and the aristocracy at the time. Other interviews really should be reexamined from our past. I remember people spouting this crap a lot on tv and in long inteviews i read. And these views permeate left and right. 

I once met a northern irish film producer at a party in Glasgow. She said about Northern Ireland at the time (late nineties), "lovely, warm, beautiful people with awful views." I welcomed this view... It helped me understand people I loved. I see this re many people all of the time. I think of what happened here re brexit and what happened on the states re Trump. 

I've met people from all over the world, wonderful, warm people, who have upheld awful, sectarian, shitty views on an 'other' that for some reason they pour unsubstantiated  bile and hate towards, yet have "a xxx friend" (for xxx insert black, jewish, muslim, gay, trans, catholic, protestant, Asian, woman, poor etc etc).

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Culture wars is the new big THING the political class have siezed upon to crack open solidarity and to pull together groups of people into coalitions of hate, conspiracy and anger (the Scottish attempt seems to centre around Salmond and women haters like Craig Murray plus those who want to in varying degrees cancel Trans people from humanity). The recent most visceral realisation of this pulling together of splinter extremities being of course, the Trumpist horned man Qanon and nazi storming of the Capitol in Washington DC.

Culture wars at present, are massively important and really should be faced down. Boris and his ultra alt tory government have launched kultur wars and will be dog whistling all over the place... The latest one being their attack on Universities and their pretence that "cancel culture" (read "we aint allowed to spit words of hate at jews, blacks, trans or gay people). Their nonsense centring on an imaginary tunnel from Scotland to Northern Ireland is also part of this... Both a distraction from the utter shite bucket they have made of relations in Ireland re the border, and as a "look what the uk could afford... Independent Scotland couldnt (watch how this tunnel never materialises ' because of scottish nationalists, or another source attacking Brit Boris and his fiendishly cunning crew.' ).

Announcements and projects in a culture war really dont have to be factual... They just have to stir emotion and pull in bigotries into the orbit of the cult-warriors.

As soon as you see someone agreeing with this cult-war shit, eg, "there is a conspiracy to bring down this powerful man by women/lgbtiq+++groups /israel/muslims..." etc you've just heard a chihuahua wolf whistle. Culture wars, created by these people, are about pulling people with unsubstantiated views into bigger, alt right groupings. Brexit did it (and, for example, had idiots calling themselves 'lexiteers,' while voting for a massive right wing Brit-nationalist regime and policy). Trump did it. Craig Murray, Wings, Salmond, Cherry etc are doing it (some players may of course not realise they are being played).

Call this shit out. Conspiracy nowadays is no longer "the deep state, are infiltrating the unions," no. Nowadays someone spouting the words "deep state," are more likely to vote against working class interests because they have been convinced they are saving kids, the morality of the country, the left, unity, the union, women in toilets etc etc 

Sectarianism, antisemitism, anti Trans people, anti Black, islamophobia etc all exist left and right. If your ally is a nazi in your particular culture war, you have been Trumped.

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