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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Anti- Capitaliste

I love reading right wing arguments, with left wing people. They say stuff like, "if you are socialist, how come you buy stuff," as if this is very clever. This happened to me once, in real life, (as opposed to stupifying social media) while eating a baguette and drinking a diet coke, outside a café beside the Cathédrale Saint Pierre, in Vannes. I wear it as a pyjama top nowadays, which at 1.37pm, shows how I am spending this Saturday. Anyway, these three guys sitting at another table thought it was profoundly funny that I was drinking a capitalist coke, and eating a baguette I hadn't grown the wheat for myself, processed the flour and baked the bread in a portable anti capitalist oven in my pocket, and was wearing a teeshirt I HAD BOUGHT that illustrated my disgust at a system that systematically creates poverty. Their mind was completely blown when I admitted I that I had, in fact bought the teeshirt and didnt have a portable loom and screen printing frame. They laughed and called me, "Capitaliste!" (they were french).
One of them had a Liverpool top on. I asked him if he played for Liverpool. He laughed. I proceeded to blame him for Liverpool FC's shitty form that year. "Why didn't you stop Chelsea beating you in the FA cup? You being a team member?" They didnt get it. The conversation ended with me shouting, "You let Chelsea walk all over you! You let two goals in! YOU" and them shouting "Capitaliste!" And everyone else enjoyed the sunny day in Vannes.

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