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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

The Covid Comedy Show

After a year of good old classic Brit- Comedy blunders that has meant Northern Ireland has suffered half of the amount of deaths of covid than it did in thirty years of bombs, bullets and mayhem and the UK has suffered more civilian deaths than the whole of ww2, including the London blitz and all of the other cities targeted by the nazis, England is still polling the tories ahead .
Every afternoon, the dark comedy called, "Daily Death Briefing," with comedy duo, Boris and Hancock are still getting all of the chuckles and nods Tony Hancock, Sid James and Kenneth Williams used to get in their half hour.

 Memorable editions like, "Operation last gasp," "The Invisible Mugger," and the classic, retro seventies "racism is ok" edition, "Squash that Sombrero," keep us all laughing while our children, neighbours, parents and grandparents die in their thousands. Labour are of course crap, because after all, entertainment is key. Keep us laughing as we fall over a cliff. Who wants that po faced Starmer, with all of his straight faced delivery of facts and figures and sensible suggestions of lockdowns at the right time? (and the left are prepared to let people die because he's not Corbyn, after all, he would neolib us all, in comparison to the, of course, more acceptable far right-ing Boris is doing). 

Of course, this very English love of Carry On  Deadly Virus, ensures that the rest of the uk is stuck to Boris's Trumpian, murderous smirking, tousled haired "I couldn't care less" pantomime and the death toll will continue to be high. Regardless (or not) of sensible leadership in the devolved Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish administrations and Governments, the comedy cast of Boris , Hancock, Williamson, Raab et al, have their clown oversized shoes on the throat of good management.
Boris: "Let the market decide who lives and dies..."

Voices off: "But think of the polls, Boris!"

Polls: Tories Trump Labour [canned laughter] 

Smirking , tousled Boris: "Let the market decide who lives and dies..."

Voices off: rising deathtoll...

Boris: "What does, Rupert say?"

The Sun: "Fury at Closed Pubs."

Boris' "Let them drink beer!"

Voices off: rising deathtoll...

Boris : "What does The Mail say?" 

The Daily Mail: "Fury That Golf Clubs are Closed!"

Boris : "Let them hit their tiny balls! The public have spoken! Happy Monday! Eat Out to Help Out! Rub Shoulders to be Virulent Day! Go Dominic, go... Drive that virus to the North! The South! Barnard Castle if you must! Give them granny at Christmas! The populist press, with its finger on the pulse have spoken ... The public gets what the public wants... It's not OUR fault they are dying! Everyday rule breakers on the beach, at the airport, on the London Underground, granny carving turkey, are to blame... Not us! 

[Public, 96% of whom have stuck to the inferred rather than enforced rules regardless of the  Sun, Mail, and Boris's Half Hour, laughs... And dies]

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