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Friday, 4 December 2020

Three Stars and a Wish...

In my time as a teacher, there is nothing that sums up the failure of a system to understand mental health than this:

🌟 Lovely handwriting, Sue!
🌟 Interesting title!
💫Next time, could you remember you need to punctuate more than once when you have written three pages of story?

It seems harmless enough, eh?

Exams, school, the stress of peers and doing the right thing according to the great random powers of adults around you etc, were bad enough when I was little. But the extra stress of "two stars and a wish," following you through life, to interviews, work appraisals, shit sandwiches (some without the bread), is absolutely incredible. Children and adults, are taught, "you never succeed, because the power above you in the chain of command will find something about you that you must work on. And when you overcome that, something else not quite right will be highlighted." The absolute tenterhooks every professional interaction brings when this is the case, does nothing to help those of us who find interactions hard enough, and whose confidence has had lifetimes of knock backs.

Resilience is NOT repeating the mantra I hear a lot from adults, "oh they need to learn to fail."

My god have they learned to fail... Smilng through; biting their lip through, shaking through, crying through, stressing through  every two star and a wish and shit sandwich they are fed. Add to the list of mental knock backs, poverty, stressed homelivesmental health issues in the home, and parents brought up in this absolutely mad system of constant criticism , and we have a generation of uncertain, unhappy, stressed children.

Children need real nurturing in schools, as do the teachers, and as do parents . I feel a priority for Scottish Government should be propper mentoring for teachers by a prifessional whose soul job it is to do that; a real application of nurture throughout schools-with training from mental health specialists; a rethink by government regarding appraisals, and recommendations as to how these happen - not only in the public sector, but the private.

I wrote this piece a few years ago, based on real stories, and my annoyance at how "Resilience" is applied at times. (voiced by "Wee Raiph" for Ungagged)

Video HERE 

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