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Sunday, 13 December 2020

Teacher stresses, December 2020

As a primary teacher, I think the lack of real engagement from a Government expecting teachers to keep the economy going, is creating a stressed workforce.

Society at large, including parents, have no idea what is going on in schools, (the safety measures have created an almost victorian militaristic (though of course, as always, kind) regime.

Social distancing, rules about toilets, masks, walking in corridors, staying apart, staffrooms etc, and the constant drip of children being taken from classes as their families are forced to isolate, teachers off (some, because of exposure at home, and then again in school, for over a month) and the stress management are undergoing doing trace and track, and stressed parents taking their frustrations out on what they see as the nearest authority to them... Us.

And the Government tell us, we are safe.
I understand we are relatively safe, because my wife, a Public Health Consultant, explains the figures to me. I have that privilege. 


What the figures do not show are teachers shielding vulnerable family members and the incredible stress of the large wider community centred on the schools.

It really is up to the Government and local authorities to engage directly with teachers and school communities. Sporadic new rules and announcements in letters given out to kids, really is not enough- and add to the stress.

If the government think that schools open right up to just a few days before families are allowed to party, and opening them again a week and a half later, are SAFE, they need to show us their evidence.

We are prepared to do our jobs, and have been doing so without question, keeping children happy, as well as teaching them through their stress and their being upset about this new world. But we need clarity, and something more than diktats.

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