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Saturday, 12 December 2020

RIP Charley Pride

I grew up in the '70's to the sound of my dad and mum's music taste (and later my older sister, Karen's) ... Mum had the radio on in the kitchen while she cooked the tea or served me lunch in the break in the school day. I played their records, and some they bought me, over and over on the record player behind the couch. Dad's music dominated the car- Charlie Pride, and Jim Reeves, Tammy Wynette, Big Tom and the Mainliners, Philomena Begley, Susan McCann, as well as Glenn Campbell, Johnny Cash, The Dubliners, and others (including Abba!).

It is sad to see Charlie Pride has gone (Guardian article announcing his death HERE). As a child, I knew most of his songs off by heart, listening them on loop on the car eight track.
When I was younger, as a teenager and older, I rejected country music... For my own age groups music, I suppose. In fact a lot of what I listened to seemed to be a total rejection of the music my dad introduced us to. But actually, my love of melody, and meaningful words or a story, was born in my dad's favourites.

Thankyou for the music, mum and dad. I'll be singing along with Charley tomorrow, thinking about you, the kitchen radio, the Volkswagon Beetle trips across the Irish Sea to Blackpool, the wee Renault with the go faster stripe and you listening to your country music radio programme on Sunday night in the kitchen.

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