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Sunday, 13 December 2020


Cody, our wee 15 1/2 year old dog, has mobility difficulties. Besides that, he's brilliant. Intelligent, loving, alert.

Cody, for most of his life, slept with us upstairs. At night, when he became tired, he'd become vocal, telling us it was time for bed, and if we stayed up, he'd head up the stairs himself. Just over a year and a half ago, as the Canine degenerative myelopathy took hold, Cody decided to start sleeping down stairs (which is a blessing, as he now has continence problems, and trying to rush him down the stairs in order for him to get to the garden was a superhuman effort!) 

So... Nowadays, one of us sits with him until he falls asleep (he hates sleeping on his own!) and then he lets us know, with a moan if he needs out. We take this in turns. 

Cody's walks are short, and becoming less and less as he gets bored with walking along our road. I drive him to a local park once a day, where he walks a loop through trees that, when he was fit, would have taken five minutes, but now takes twenty as he staggers sniffing from tree to tree.

This morning was Sonya's turn to have a lie in. I heard his moans and rushed down to let him out (at 7.45am... After sitting with him until 1.15am - actually not a bad nights sleep on my watch!). I let him out into the garden, where he deposited his gifts, and then fed him freshly cooked shredded chicken, potatoes, asparagus and carrots, I made my porridge and my near litre (or so) of ground coffee and lit the log burner and now I sit here reading the online newspapers, playing new music from Loud Women, reading Facebook posts and plotting the downfall of the aristocratic, land grabbing capitalist system that has ensured children are going hungry a couple of miles away from my house. 
I sit  in my teeshirt and boxers, waiting for the household to wake up. Its worth it though. Cody has given us a lot in his short, wee sped up life. 

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