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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Murderous "Common Sense."

Hancock, the "Health" minister, has been on TV berating those travelling last night after his pal, the Plague PM announced the Christmas lockdown yesterday. Of course, none of this can be the fault of ultra liberal capitalists and right wing libertarians. 

The reaction by Government here in the UK has been piecemeal, to be kind. The message of "we need to be responsible for ourselves," during a pandemic that effects one section of our communities more than others (the vulnerable and the old) is dreadful. Simple "guidelines," when opening schools - opening schools with primary class sizes in the same, pre covid sizes and rooms and young people *expected* to act like robots rather than young people, pubs, gyms and expecting people just to act safely, was/is madness.

"Common sense" really is a murderous term. This was a time for leaders, science, clarity. We got donkeys neighing, acting, pretending, career and bank balance building. 

Add to all of this, a tory ten years of deciding things; public services operating on the edge of the precipice; and the factors layed out in the, article below- the British Government seems to be on a path of destruction, death and economic failure.

We have idealist capitalists in power. It was just like having leaders saying, "The only leader. we need is the great Aten! Our fates are in his hands! Praise him and he'll guide you!" Faith capitalists. The worst kind. Capitalism is bad enough... But Faith Captalists have, thoughout history, created genocidal poverty. This time, as well as generating awful poverty, they have exacerbated death throughout the UK, incredibly.

Why they are in power, is another question.

 Money creates marketing so powerful, nowadays, that it goes straight to your pocket, in front of your face whether or not you buy a, paper or switch on the telly or not. In fact as a teacher, i know very few children who watch telly anymore. All of them having political and corporate propaganda pumped into their heads. Billionaire propaganda brought us the Donkeys who have killed our loved ones, and took your jobs, and starved our children. 

Two final words... New Zealand.

Click HERE for excellent blogpiece.

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