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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

He's on the phone...

So... 15 hours, after it stopped working, my phone has had enough sleep and has, just out of the blue, come back, fully functional. And after me rebooting an old, glitchy crappy phone that refused to play music, type the letter Y, and which tries to fill in the pass key loads of times, occasionally leading me to be locked out of it.
{Click HERE for St Etienne} 

So glad this one, with its less frustrating glitches, has come back. I really need its entertainment when I get home from work and have to cook, walk and feed dog, clean kitchen, dishes, and other stuff. I borrowed my wife's phone tonight to blast JaMC's Psychocandy and Darklands at full tilt while cooking breaded Tofu Katsu Curry and rustling up a salad (and cooking Cody's chicken for the next two days, plus potatoes, asparagus and carrots ...). That's going to muck up her automatic selection playlist thing ...

This phone really has been a lockdown lifeline, much in the way our new computer was, when my son was wee, and I was stay at home dad. We got all internetted up circa 1998.. Dial up... And I immediately got involved in political and geneological groups, and in file sharing (remember, Napster? Boy did I spend long hours, downloading music... Each song taking painstakingly long to arrive , and then burning them on to cd). We had moved to a place where we knew noone, and the company of political, lovely people on Freepobal kept me sane. I was also able to reconnect with people, which is still hugely valuable. And I have online friends who I have never met, but have known for years, and value immensely... massively.

I love this little machine ... I use it to read the news outlets, facebook posts that entertain, inform and enrage. Those of you who have entertained me, informed me, exasperated me and enraged me are really valuable to me. I really hope over the next few weeks you all have a well earned escape from the stalag covid 19 2020 worries, stresses and confinements. I hope you all get what you desire, that is, if it isn't some politically awful thing... Those who haven't listened to ME have imposed brexit, Trump, awful decisions re covid, and political dead ends (basically, if Santa is delivering, he's delivering MY political outcomes for next year...it'll be good. Honest. Trust me.). 

I am fokkin knackered today. I was up late with the pooing, peeing, whining wee dog last night, and up at six this morning. Tuesdays are a difficult day in work... Though weirdly , I've always found Tuesdays to be the day when I'm most knackered . I used to put it down to the effects of alcohol at the weekends, and its effect on my sleeping pattern. I can't blame that now. I think its just the sleep interupting 15+ year old dog. My wee, old, infirm, pal. And before my son was a teen, he was a terrible sleeper, so latter life Cody is, really, just a continuance of that. Sleep deprivation. For 24 years. 

I think there will be a major decision to be had about Cody the wonder dog in 2021 as his legs are really quickly deteriorating... And he's definitely much more doddery. He'll most definately be our last dog for a long time. 
I'm glad this space aged communication device that noone but Iain M Banks predicted (any sci fi folk know if there was anything other than Banks Culture novels and, I suppose Ziggy from Quantum Leap, that predicted an all knowledgeable, interlinked hand held that placed all human knowledge at your fingertips?) is back because I've been practising my writing, and blogging SOME of it here. I've blogged for around fifteen years (an old blog was lost when the platform I was using was discontinued). It's a good outlet. As is Facebook. Sometimes.

As is YOUR company, even if its just to disagree with you in capitals. :)

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