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Friday, 4 December 2020

alt-pop anon

I started off a thread on THIS JOY DIVISION GROUP on facebook. It has led to some interesting conversations, (if you are in to these kind of things) some of which I have copied below. 

My post: "One of the things that appealed to me about JD, and then in turn, NO, was the band's anonymity. Despite Curtis' tragic death , the members, for years, didnt do publicity. There was no "frontman." No glossy photos of any of them on their own. The images associated with the band were the U. P. album cover, and the Closer cover. Few, if any, other bands did this. It completely fitted with me. "No more heroes."
{photo: Anton Corbijn

 None of them pushed for the limelight.

They just experimented with sound and it was the sound (and in the case of JD, also the lyrics) that reigned supreme. After their silly dabble with nazi imagry (as many pre punk and punk bands stupidly, "ironically," did), their image was almost a non-image. No fashion, no hair do's, no outrageous appearances on music programmes or in popular magazines. (The fans dressed, ironically, in long coats we nabbed from our fathers, grandfathers and from charity shops (nb. In Belfast, we had a super second hand shop called American Madness, where I bought a few))."

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