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Saturday, 14 November 2020

On UBI and the "Left."

I've seen conversations on this topic across the left over the past couple of years, the most recent one had its own graphs that actually made no sense, but some "revolutionaries," were using them to "prove" that UBI would be a setback for "the class," and their "revolution." Complete pish, in other words .

The left I once hoped to be part of in a united front, really over the past decade from Syria, through Labour Party shenanigans, through Brexit and the American elections (and reaction to Biden's uniting campaign that took down a (at the very least proto) fascist, to name a *few* things, has been horrific. The now bouncing from, "Look at what Sawant did in Seattle; dont vote for Biden," to, "Look. AOC (who campaigned wholeheartedly for the Biden/Harris ticket) is also saying she's annoyed at moves to exclude the left from government positions ," shows

1 a disengenuousness borne on a contrarian analysis, rather than a socialist one and

2 the swinging weathervane approach Tony Benn used to speak about.

Its a left that now seems to just dip in to a dogma created through years if an inability to truly reflect on campaigns and policies and analysis and slogans that get it wrong... Each wrong turn building into worse and worse analysis.

Anyway, these revolutionaries are now turning their ire on UBI. There is tonnes of research being done on UBI across the world. REAL research that actual professionals working in the field can quote (Google is your friend). This is an answer i made on the conversation at present, floating around Facebook, which is as i said, illustrated by terrible graphs.

"UBI's most important plus point for socialists really is, in my opinion, what it SAYS to everyone. It tells us, "this place belongs to you, here is a payment from your country to you for being a valuable citizen [nb, the LEVEL of payment is what we should be fighting for]".

It treats everyone as equals. All equal citizens, equally valuable. And a good set level of ubi payment means people can, like we were able to in the past before the tories started dismantling the welfare system, THINK for a while about how we want to contribute to society.

UBI really is projected to increase social mobility, something that is virtually non existent in the uk - a place where it was quite high for the boomer generation. UBI could really stimulate social mobility.

There are some left voices who dont like it because it thwarts the revolution they have been planning in their branch meetings of five or six people in a few places across the country.

Reform that tells us we have a right to the country's wealth, really does, psychologically, go towards creating revolutionaries.

I urge you to seek out the research by the late Ailsa Mackay on this . And the more recent research by public health scotland and others."

{Ailsa Mackay

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