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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Fact Division

George Michael on Closer: 

I've seen this footage before. It was posted earlier in a Joy Division group I'm in and one guy (it had to be a guy- it really is such a male comment!) criticised George Michael for not knowing the names of the tracks. 

 As a fan of Joy Division, pretty much from when the album Closer came out, I've got to admit... The names of the songs werent something i learned for years (nor the names of the band members) I pretty much went by how music made me feel. That's how I got into JD, and New Order (and every other band or piece of music or artist I have ever listened to- there are some bands /albums I've had for forty years i couldnt name tracks from! ). I've never been a kind of "tick box collector, filing clerk, nerdy knowledge lister" fan to be honest. Re live stuff, for example, I only own three live recordings on vinyl by JD I bought way back when, and have only played two of them once each (two Peel sessions and the live track on the original Still album). I don't need to feel close to the band or singer, beyond how they recorded, produced, wrote and presented the song. And owning stuff, regardless of fandom, really isnt a competition I'm in. 

My only interest, sometimes, beyond the music for years, was the feelings, politics, (and to some degree) the personal circumstances that led to a certain track, or album being created. Stats have never been my thing in any way, only those that measure inequality and unfairness. 

 When George Michael was alive, I wasnt in to his stuff, though being of a certain age, Wham's Club Tropicana used to lift my spirits thinking about my '80's summer holidays - my fortnight break from the drudgery of my factory job in Northern Ireland. I wish I'd payed more attention to him, as it wasnt until after his death I learned about his support for working class causes, anti-Thatcherism and amazing charity donations... What a kind spirit. 

And it wasnt until then that I paid attention to this track, which has become one of my all time favourites... Praying For Time:  HERE 

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