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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Where do I go to make a difference?

I wrote this on a twitter thread, as an exercise in trying to think... Vomiting stuff out and trying to see if that helps me come to some sort of conclusion. It is a process that this I suppose, begins. 

I want to help make a difference. 

For years, I saw that as helping lead local political activity through the then groundbreaking, SSP (from 2002-2015). 

I brought together over 1000 activists world wide back in the noughties to fight the spread of fascism in the new virtual 

We managed to dent the french Front National's election activity in the late noughties, & made headlines across the world. We organised a huge online strike (IBM Italy, that led to the resignation of its CEO); and we raised a lot of money for feminist left groups across the 
world, including RAWA in Afghanistan. 

I helped raise £20000 for Haiti by pulling together folk on the then emergent Twitter platform. 

I was the SSP social media and online coordinator during #indyref and brought hundreds of new members to that party during that time by creating 
a team who represented views across the party. 

I was one of four local Yes organisers working as a team to inform East Dunbartonshire about the myriad of ideas from across that movement. 

I was an organiser locally of the, Radical Independence Campaign and helped organise huge local meetings during &after the referendum from 2011-2018. 

Also locally, we organised minibuses to Faslane & brought musicians & performers to the peace camp, helping reinvigorate it as it reached 30+ years old. And we launched local campaigns that saved schools, bus services, housing etc. 

We also supported actions across Scotland via money, & activity. And recently, I brought together activists who launched a "who is Jo Swinson" campaign that helped oust one of the Tory/Lib Dem's most right wing Ministers (and recent leader of Lib Dems). 

I created @_Ungagged & did my best, alongside some amazing socialists, Anarchists, labourites, communists, Trotskyists, etc to give sensible left voices excluded from polite publication and platforms, a place to share ideas (& we still do). 

Please keep submitting material to Ungagged... It is still a great source for left thought.

Inequality keeps me awake at night. Tory bullying, murderous capitalism, neo imperialism & fascism that permeates our society makes my blood boil.

Have any of these things changed the world? I'm not sure. I feel they have helped change some material circumstances and helped some people in to activism.

But Im at a bit of a standstill.

I'm toying with joining @theSNP
but not sure if it's right for me, as I feel I'd get bogged down in debates with right wingers; conspiracy theorists and people some refer to as "da's" (a kinder label than gammon?). 

I loathe any kind of injustice, and that includes any pretence of democracy when people are playing imperfect systems to their advantage.

I would love to make a difference in Education outside the classroom, as I feel in Scotland, it needs a total redesign (tick boxes, snobbery, middle class assumptions and old fashioned elitism still runs rampant, though voices 
like, @wosdec keep me sane). 

But my inability to refrain from calling out stuff ensures I have no route through management 😂

Anyway, this is me sounding off. I suppose a reflection many are going through during this lockdown period. And one also brought on after my father's death a few weeks ago.

 I'm needing direction. I have ten years left in my working life. I know I need a new direction there. I find the left frustrating, stagnant, and full of conspiracy theory, spite and people who are only too willing to exploit ignorance for the short term gain of their sect rather than build activism and education. 

I want to avoid those draining, pointless debates.

Ideas welcome. Tweets to me re actions in solidarity with others, also welcome.


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