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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Da Yessss Mehnz...

Man o man.

A pattern seems to have emerged amongst  activist men in Scotland since circa Sept 2014.

Man becomes politically aware.

Man believes he is the most politically aware man.

Man says a few politically affirming things that others agree with.

Man builds fan base and loud groups of social media shouters around him.

Man is invited to Yes groups to affirm their beliefs.

Man is appropriated by Sheridan /hanger oan groups around Sheridan.

Man is wanked off by them.

Man falls out with Sheridans lot.

Man takes some fans with him and vows he'll take Sheridan etc doon.

Man gets burned out and crashes in an explosion of ego, hidden money, accusations and capitalised sentences about the Yes movement being destroyed...

Man oh man oh man...

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