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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Dear English Labour Party...

Dear English Labour Party,

I just wanted to drop a note asking you for a favour.

First let me explain who I am. I'm a teacher. I live in Scotland. I've never, knowingly, voted Tory. In fact, what the Tories stand for; what they arrogantly lie about and how they profit from fear and misery, is totally abhorrent to me.

Now, I'm originally from Northern Ireland, and when I came over to Scotland in 1993, placing my X beside the box that said "Labour Party," is an event I will never forget. At last I was able to vote for a party NOT tied up in sectarian religious shite. I was able to vote for a party which, at that time, had a huge amount of socialists in its ranks- and a party I believed was one that stood up for people in poverty; people looking for work; the disenfranchised; minorities and workers.

Now, I see that down there in England, socialists have been fighting back against the centre left liberals who pulled the party away from its socialist roots. Its bedrock. Its rudder. I hope you win that fight and I hope you can build support for sensible, progressive policies that move England towards an equitable society.

Meanwhile, the Tories are wrecking all that Labour built post war. The post war settlement; welfare, an NHS, free comprehensive education, publically run public transport, a manufacturing base that ensured skilled, well paid jobs etc -all has been dismantled and sold off and is stored in money form in bank accounts on the Cayman Islands, and other tax havens. Those who caused the impoverishment and abuse of once proud working class communities roam the world in massive yachts and personal jets, while here in Glasgow, 1 in 3 children live in desperate poverty. That's 38000 children who are hungry, cold, and unsafe. That to me is a statistic so disgusting, I really don't think I need to quote another one. Scotlands biggest city has 38000 children who are scared, malnourished and unsure of having enough food. One city.

Now, I know that isn't your fault. Capitalism and huge income disparities add to that.

But even with our centre left Government, that sits to the left of the current Scottish Blairite Labour, who are mitigating a lot of the appalling destruction the Tory Party Government are causing (eg the Bedroom tax; the welfare "reforms," the selling off of the NHS etc), Scotland is unable to help those 38000 children. We can TRY to use the money we are given via the Barnett Formulae, but in reality, we are bailing out water from a leaky boat.

Some of you have said it is unfair of us to leave you to the Tories, if we vote Yes in the upcoming referendum.

I say, if you help us get to the source of the flood, by helping us achieve independence, then rather than trying to cope with 38000 hungry, unsafe Glaswegian children by bailing out the boat, we can move upstream, and stop the flood. What a legacy for Labour!

Giving us our democracy will ensure we, a left leaning country; a social democratic-left country, can help the 1 in 4 Scottish children out of poverty- and when we do that, you, the English Labour Party, will have somewhere to point to close to home to say, "look- it can be done." And you know what? I'll go down there and help you campaign on that basis. I promise.

Scottish Labour; mostly disaffected Blairites; don't see it that way. And their Blairism and alliance with Tory Unionists at the last independence referendum all but destroyed them. They are continuing in that path- destroying a once great party  as they go. And I haven't voted for a labour candidate since I witnessed Labour Party members, officials and representatives hugging representatives of the most vicious Tory government in history. In Glasgow. After they stopped us from escaping a generation of Tory Governments. While 38000 children starve.

Please help us achieve independence, English Labour Party. And can you please chat to your Scottish comrades?


Yours in solidarity,

Neil Scott


  1. A wonderful letter which they need to read and act upon if they want to save their skins. Thank you Neil for your clarity.


    The WirralInItTogether Blog

  2. Thanks Paul. The only way they'll read it is if it is spread around. Share :)


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