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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What are you voting for when you vote Leave?

(Open letter to those going to spoil their vote, not vote or vote Leave in the EU referendum)

Friends, Family and Comrades

I think you are massively mistaken in spoiling your vote, just as those who are voting Leave are mistaken.

Yes, there are faults on both sides of the current awful campaign- and there are faults in the EU that seem difficult to fix.

What we can agree on, I hope, is that we cannot predict the future- or  a future Government's will to reform the EU or properly negotiate with our immediate neighbours regarding trade, security etc.

What we can do is recognise the elements that wish us to leave and what the effects the leading campaigners of both sides WANT to create.

My fear is that on voting leave (or not using your vote to block leave) we are giving succour to Boris, Gove, Farage, the EDL, Britain First and all of the ultra right, pro- austerity, ultra -Thatcherite, racist and proto fascist elements of British nationalism. A nationalism that would pit us against neighbouring countries and would entirely block those seeking refuge from our future much more right wing Government's bombs.

Yes- that is a definite. If the country votes Leave, we are voting for a more right wing ultra austerity regime.

In the coming years, we have to recognise that wars will be fought over ever decreasing resources, water being the most elemental of these. Already countries in North Africa and sub- tropical countries are contravening treaties that ensure water flows through lands desperate for the resource. And many scientists are predicting the next refugees will be from countries lacking basic resources or who are at war over water.

A Farage, Gove, Boris, Daily Mail and Britain First built barbed wired White Cliffs of Dover and Fife coast will ensure our bombing for oil only heightens the fears crawling from the proto-fascists and seeping through our media and forked tongue politicians and into a misinformed electorate. Europe, with at present, it's strong left block and social charter can ensure, at the very least, we shelter those in need. That we can work together to at the very least, fish out the desperate children, women and men fleeing bombs and desperate poverty we are meting out on them.

Remain, at the very least, keeps these proto fascists at bay- and if we really believe the EU needs to be reformed, we should not leave it to a referendum on the terms of capitalists and ultra right wingers.

We should be campaigning to change the EU on our terms.

After tomorrow if we have given the narrative over to Farage, Boris, Gove and the EDL by either voting leave or not voting at all- there will be no renegotiation and there will certainly be no revolution- just misery and Austerity in the extreme for the people of the U.K. and those whom our ultra capitalist class will rob and kill and make homeless, landless, stateless to feed their profits and build higher fences around their Necker Islands will continue to wash up on holiday beaches or be blown to pieces.

Neil Scott


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