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Friday, 10 June 2016

Thanks for the funds...

Report back to the Central Committee of the Socialists of Scotland: "After a full English amongst the putrid smell of the night befores Magaluf election celebrations, I witnessed two very merry bright red and political English teenagers emerge from the bar obviously celebrating the gains made by the working class Spanish anti austerity party. I sipped on my morning happy hour tequila and wiped the egg from my cheeks and drank in the view of staggering Brits, reeling at the news that Spain is fighting back against the wAnkers, I mean bankers. My mate Bronco arrives back from the bar with a tray of celebratory drinks- he curses the 11am cut off for the morning happy hour "Wit cnt is oot av his bed at 10 a clock fer cheap pints?"

Neither of us remember the result from last night- the election celebrations had begun at 8am yesterday morning on our way to our first polling station. On the way, a bar that celebrates British working class culture every day, was showing highlights of the 1966 World Cup, and serving local beer for a Euro a pint. We decided to conduct interviews of the local British population about their thoughts on the EU referendum result and on the Spanish elections. This morning, Bronco woke up inside the polling station's toilets in a puddle of sick. I had celebrated the 1966 World Cup with the local English population all night and lost all my notes. Funds sent by wire would be appreciated... It's all for the cause..."

We're raising funds for a visit to Corfu to report back on how the working class Brits view the political situation from the Queen's Head.

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