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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Goodbye SSP.

IT has been really sad to witness the death of the Ssp this year.

The shortsightedness of those who led the party down the cesspit drain this year has been incredible. And today's conference has sealed its fate.

The Sheridan show a few years ago set the party back 10 years. It had begun a recovery during the indyref which saw last years conference well attended- but badly mis-managed and deceived. The attendance of 56 people today at its biggest conference of the year is gutting for those of us who worked daily to promote the party during 2 1/2 years of the lead up to indyref.

Last year and the new interest in the party was the pay off- huge interest in the party both in the media and with the political electorate as we packed the hall and made %-age gains in council by-elections.

The Rise fiasco was an atomic bomb set amongst the newly invigorated party that had been reaching out across the country using Twitter, Facebook, live streaming etc to connect with people (filling virtual Concert Halls!).

Those who were the authors of the ssp implosion are now fully in charge. A group of people whose "cunning plans" crush the very things the Ssp should have incouraging- inventiveness, openness, debate, democracy and pluralism.

I really cannot be part of this small wee group of people who feel being more Machiavellian than the next person = socialism. A group of people more interested in their own position rather than those they should be listening to and trying to represent.

The SSP was a brilliant experiment -but began to mis-function circa 2008. I stayed with it, encouraging my branch- organising events etc and then organised a lot of our reboot online during the indyref.

The nastiness and lack of protections for members who were derided, threatened etc shocked me and many othersthis year- as did the immersion into the unknown and badly drawn ISG/SLP/Rise experiment.

The SSP as is, nor Rise as is, are the future of the left in Scotland, thank the stars. The political future of the left lies with the left who joined the Greens, the SNP and the unaligned non-party people. I believe Rise/SSP has set back the formation or success of a left political party by at least another decade.

I admire my comrades who will stick by the ideal of the ssp and remain in the party. But that ideal died today in a series of inward looking motions that give power to those who killed the party and give credibility to the Rise disaster.

I can't ever be in any organisation in which some of these people have power, as experience has shown, it will be an experience of ever decreasing circles.

I've learned a lot this year about naked ambition, lies, deceit and the demonisation of "party enemies." I feel some in the Ssp think they are on one side or the other of a Cold War. And some are playing to a decreasing bunch of wee left sects in the uk.

What has happened has been really sad. But eye opening.

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