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Sunday, 1 May 2016


It's really odd that new memories are often made nowadays by the bringing together of people from the past to talk over old memories.

It has been wonderful over the past 24 hours, meeting family again- some of whom I haven't met in over 30 years.

Years that since the boating pool and the sand castles by the Irish Sea have flown by in a flurry and blur of faces, decisions and moves.

Everyone has a perspective on past events and some remember aspects others had forgotten. I relish and love filling in the gaps in my memory.

Time is a very strange thing. In thoughts, you can touch the past. It exists. Those innocent and almost carefree days in the past that became suddenly hormonal, reaching out into the world, grasping, clinging, sprinting, limping and coasting silently and brevity borne in the blink of an eye to the present.

Flickering images, time stained, burnt out by the bright light of decades...

Stretching out fingers to that past self and asking -how should the next thirty years be spent? The last thirty were full of haste, mistakes, hope, love, music, art, drama, screams, security, lost and found, friendships and lost connections... How do I make the next as satisfying as the most important, happy and golden times?

How do I relish every moment and make sure it has value to all around me?

How do I acknowledge mistakes and allow others freedom to make mistakes, and keep hold of what is light and beauty in everything I am part of?

Blackpool boating pool, 2p one armed bandits, Orford Park, yearning, yearning, yearning, Tullylish, pubs across Europe, North Africa and Cuba, animal flesh boiled, fried, rolled and minced, sugar, learning, learning, learning, smoke and jailed to make someone else's millions... Love lost, gained and held with all of ones might...

That's the beautiful, flash of an eye past.

The future is what I've learned. And that should be friendship, health, family, shrugged shoulders and learning, learning, etching, listening and snow flake light footprints.

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