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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Messages of freedom: "The evidence does not stack up" while you choke and die.

The term, "The evidence doesn't stack up that our product is dangerous/addictive," must be a phenomena that will never be part of any subsequent system... while profits roll in from vulnerable, addicted, destroyed people. Yet. Is non-alcoholic beer/wine an addiction? Puggy machines with no winnings? What ever happened to the non-nicotine cigarettes? Are organic, Fairtrade, sustainable production and products killing people? Decimating communities/countries/continents?

I agree with the legalisation of drugs. But how will cocaine be marketed? How will marijuana, heroin, "e's" etc be marketed and sold and who will be the people who are paid to come on the telly and say to ruined lives, "it's not my corporations fault?"

As a former drinker, smoker and drug user, I DO know the harm these things do -the harm emanates from the substance, into the person, into their lives and into their community and my use of those things were bolstered by various spokespeople, campaigns, and twisting of research etc.

What a bloody awful job that one where the person comes on the telly to say, "our product hasn't been proven to be dangerous."

And taken further, the spokes people of the cigarette industry, the alcohol industry, the gambling industry- are now joined by the spokespeople of the industries causing the decimation of the world's ecology. I'm waiting for an Edward Bernays to make fracking, nuclear weapons and returning refugees to murderous  regimes, trendy, cool- liberally accepted.

If one part of our media shows that this capitalist system harms, it is the paid, "successful" spokespeople of harmful industries and products.

The Iraqi information minister during the Iraq war told us with a straight face that Saddam's regime was winning. Gadaffi's son did the same in Libya, while all around them, missiles and bullets slammed into their city buildings and ripped people apart. Those spokespeople were jailed for their lies and their support of something that wrecked lives. The Neo-Bernays should also be jailed. Those people knowingly lying to us about their corporations output should be jailed alongside the people who employ them. Ignorance of such a law should be no excuse.

The sign of successful  marketeers should not be getting away with the biggest, most harmful lie. Buffering a harmful product or corporation from the concerns of harmfulness and the harmed  should be criminal. Knowingly selling something that causes harm- or hiding information that show the product/"service" etc to be harmful SHOULD BE A CRIME.

Free choice can only be real free choice in an informed society. Democracy is only really possible in an educated system in which corporations and the interests of the profit takers do not have insurmountable (to those with public health as their raison d'etre)  mountains of access to the media both online and in the traditional media.

It's funny; music, comedy, beautiful scenery, kindness, etc are "addictive," but don't need counselling, wards in hospitals or prison sentences. And huge populations don't stop functioning, families don't disintegrate, hospital addiction, A&E, cardiac, respiratory  and psychiatric  wards are not overflowing because of them.

And it's not so funny that our world is being choked and murdered by the interests of the profit takers and their lying "successful," honeydripping, mealy mouthed spokespeople telling us it is the fault of the refugee; the tobacco/sugar/slavery/alcohol/oil/nuclear/war industries have only your best interests -and FREEDOM- at heart.

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