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Saturday, 5 March 2016

It's Friday, it's 3 0'clock and it's joke time!

Children in my p3/2 (year 1/2 - 6/7 year olds) class are always telling me "jokes." Most of them are made up on the spot and need loads of explanation and usually involve someone getting hurt. One of my bright sparks had been saying to me all day yesterday, "Mr Scott, I want to tell you a joke!" I put it off all day, until we were lined up to leave at 3pm (me at the front- on Fridays I sometimes trample we'ans underfoot to get out before them...). I could put it off no more.  "Ok, tell me the joke..."

Her face lit up. "OK. Two cows in a field... How do you know the one on holiday?"

I gave a few silly responses and then, "ok, I don't know."

"The one with the wee calf..!"

A brilliant end to a great week in work :)

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