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Monday, 25 January 2016

I'm really not your problem, you are.

Some things that have annoyed me about social media lately.

I do think being PC is a good thing, - it amounts to doing your best to understand perspectives, oppression and privilege - but when it is use to shut people up, by lefty on lefty, it is not a left I feel part of.

And using the fact we all have billboards to express our views to say "your views are giving me a mental illness" is beyond vile (this has been levelled at me by a couple of people).

I don't follow nazis. Their views would annoy me to the hilt. I warn my family about the fact that they may get annoyed at my political views, so they can decide whether to follow me or not. If "Ann. Oyed from Annoyed-ville" (or to ensure I am not the target of the "you are a fucking misogynist" mob - Angry Bob) hasn't not got the sense to unfollow/block me, they either don't want to and want to be annoyed, or they really don't understand social media (or reading for that matter).

I don't call you a capitalist pig for flaunting your plate of Jamie Olivered, pretentious Otter Livers and fucking Cous-Cous on Twitter- in front of the rest of us struggling with Internet bills.

Who you follow-or read- is your choice. Same goes with me- I choose not to read certain people. I also know friends views can annoy me- but I respect them enough to either unfollow, not read or if they are reasonable folk in real life I will discuss/debate and/or argue with them.  Most lefties I know don't bother themselves with Mein Kampf - if my bleating on about my opinion on the wrong approach in Scottish politics literally drives you to Prozac - stop reading my posts.  Simple.

My Facebook/blog/ Twitter account is not "mass media." It is my views expressed to a very small pool of people. My Facebook is closed to those who are not my friends, facebook or otherwise. I am a teacher. I try to ensure my privacy settings are high. So if you are reading it, it is because you are a FB friend. You have chosen to be.  If it annoys you, unfollow or block. I won't take offence. It really is not that important to me that you disagree with me. My blogging, facebooking and tweeting is used as a journal/ notebook and sometimes as something to share with like minded people.  And sometimes just a place to be silly or rant to the world.   If you rant back - I take it for granted you are on message - you like a rant - you wont be making an appointment with a therapist after we have traded the finest points - angrily - on whether or not 300 people make a movement.  Or on whether or not we should have the full stops in R.I.S.E. or S.S.P. (Rise/SSP).  Get a life. 

I rarely post in groups, but if I do, I expect people to agree or disagree comradely. I don't call you names, you don't call me names. Be passionate - I know I can be.  Be sarcastic, sardonic etc.  But belittling and nasty?  Fuck off.  You don't understand the game - go find other people to use your shitty hatreds on.

I recently messaged someone who I felt had gone too far in attacking a friend (who I agree with and disagree with in equal measure) who then removed the post. The insult did not become a slagging match and I appreciate that. I understand some peoples need to feel superior to others in how they use their "pc'ness", but please, do that with someone else. From now on, the stupid "ism" folk will be ignored.  Certainly take to your high horse on issues that you are passionate about, but just remember we all type from our horses.  Changing minds and hearts to your superior view is not done by labelling people as "forever fuckwits," unable to change or see your light.  Go read Freire - or if you WANT to abuse those who know less than you - become a crap Primary School teacher, because young folk condemned by labels will never surpass your superior knowledge and wonderfulness.

As for creating monsters of the left; enemies of the party; and using adjectives mindnumbingly idiotic to describe someone's views and perspective that is different from yours, well just stop it. You look like an idiot and are single handedly, amongst your social media friends and audience, wrecking any plausiblity your cause could have had.

Now go get some fresh air or straighten that mobile phone hunch and lift your gaze to the world around you.

People need to learn to step back and take a walk in real life sometimes.

I'm away to get my lunch.

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