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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Years Resolutions...

posted on fb on 15 December...

Ok, beginning my personal New Years resolution list.
1 I will try to do more family things- I will also try to see my family and friends more often and will embrace new friendships.
2 in May, I will not vote for a pro Trident, pro-austerity cuts Party.
3 I will not eat sugar until February 18th (my birthday)
4 I will source my coffee and some other imported goods as ethically as I can.
5 I will try to cut down on diary ... Erm... dairy and what dairy I do use, try to ensure it us from ethical sources.
6 I will stop eating so many carry outs!
7 I will walk more (and explore the Scottish countryside more). This will also help my dog...
8 I will cycle more
9 I will use public transport more
10 I will write more
11 I will try to pursue one other artistic endeavour (drawing? Learn the guitar?)
That's my starter list!

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