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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Expensive. Taxi for Ms @joswinson!

My wife is a has a long commute. She works nearly fifty miles away from where we live. Where she works, there is no public transport she could take that would get her there on time every day, so she has to drive the nearly 100 miles a day. The fuel costs around £200 a month (todays prices) which, applying my Primary maths, is around £2500 a year (I added £100 just to round it up).

We think that is hugely expensive. Dreadful. If both of us were doing this, we'd spend £5000 a year. Add on to this our teenaged son; lets say he also decided to work 50 miles away and the three of us, travelling 100 miles a day, would cost our family £7500 a year.

A horrendous journey for all of us and a huge fuel bill.

Now, our prudent Lib Dem MP, Jo Swinson has been rather quick to defend her expenses over the past few years. And she has done well, after the accusations of buying ludicrous things were batted off.
And I quite understand, she can have a long commute to Westminster from Westerton. So imagine my surprise to read she has needed something called "business class taxis?" Surely a mistake?

This was in the Daily Mirror.

"Jo's cab's rank
Parliament’s official record has Consumer minister Jo Swinson revealing her department spent nearly £80,000 last year on “business class taxis”. Surely some mistake. How many taxis do you know, Jo, which offer economy and business class?"

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