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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tales of the Gareloch...

Murder, Hodder and Heisenberg... and UHT milk.

If you haven't already, go listen to a wee "black comedy" I wrote, and Acting strange brought to life as a radio play. 

It started life as a "soap" and as I wrote, it developed into something a wee bit different.  The characters are all based on my experiences and on some people I have met and know, though the actors took some of them in a completely different direction!

If you like "Still Game," some of the scenes are a wee bit on to that, with a slight tinge of bloody murder, and bad language.

What would happen at Faslane if after a Yes, the nukes stay?

A story of camping, tennents lager, gimps and uht milk.

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theme music by the brilliant Glasgow band, "Tut Vu Vu."

The episodes, five in all, are HERE 

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