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Monday, 12 May 2014

Tory/UKIP coalition 2015

I said two years ago that we are being set up for a coordinated right wing take over. What a coup!

Plan: Pretend the Libs are the party of protest and use them to deliver a supported first wave tory lite phase. And then as they lose the trust of the lefties and disafected voters who propelled them into the alliance, fund and propel the proto-fascists into the working class areas that are disaffected by Labour's stupid veer towards middle England's hollow views on the economy and immigration.

Scapegoat, and the poor and struggling who cannot lift their heads see only others with their heads down getting a wee bit more. And they hear someone with divisive, evilly hidden reasoning with a plan. And they leave their traditional Labour voting pattern because Labour left them and vote for the party who will help deliver Tory Fully Loaded Phase 2 in 2015.

I said all that two years ago.


  1. I applaud you for seeing this sooner than I did. It's only been recently that I've started to see the narrative which seems to have stemmed from the coalition government that resulted in the dreaded Tory party returning to power in 2010. Back during that election, I completely lapped up the whole Lib-Dem 'time for change' fa├žade. Even when Cameron announced the coalition, I was - I regret to admit - somewhat satisfied with the result. I thought the idea of having the Libs peeking their head over the Tory's shoulder to keep an eye on their policies felt slightly reassuring. But as we now know, the Libs went back on their pre-election pledges and pandered to the Tories left right and bloody centre; meaning we are been unfairly ruled by a government we never put into power.

    The idea of this happening with UKIP scares me a lot. During the 2014 European Elections, I wrote UKIP off as a mere protest vote made by pissed off voters. I believed that when it came to the general elections, the public would realise that Farage and his cronies were just a bunch of daft old fools yearning for a non-existent past with absolutely no actual policies other than their overwhelming hate for Europe and immigration. Right now though, I'm not so sure. Their popularity doesn't seem to be swaying despite all the worrying scandals their members have been caught acting out, plus Farage's 'every man' act seems to be luring in disillusioned voters who feel as though no other party speaks for them on a daily basis. A Tory-UKIP coalition would obviously push this country even further to the right, which, being the leftie that I am, makes me consider emigrating elsewhere come May 2015.

  2. Farage will be egging on the worst in the Tories. I really don't know what i would do if i lived in England. The Labour Party are just Tory Lite, and don't really intend reversing any of the anti-democratic, pro money policies of the Condems. I would probably look to the Greens (depending on where I lived). they are polling well in ertain areas - and are ell ahead of the LibDems.

    In my area, I have the choice of SNP or greens (the Labour Party sold their souls to Cameron during the independence referendum - ffs, the Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy just announced to the world that his favourite contemporary non-Labour politician is Iain Duncan "murderer" Smith!). The Greens stand no chance in my area. But then again, if the SNP choose a centre right candidate, I can't vote in a tory by all but name! If the SNP are idiots and choose a centre right candidate here, I will be voting for the Greens - at least their young candidate, Ross Greer, a friend, identifies as a socialist.


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