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Monday, 12 May 2014

Alex Salmond is "selecting Team Scotland"

For the post Yes negotiations, apparently (see the article HERE).

Lets hope he ensures the SSP, Women for Independence, RIC and Greens, who have worked their arses off for Yes are not overlooked in the rush to welcome Lamont, Davidson, Carmichael, Curran and Sarwar in to "Team Scotland."

Do the Nories deserve a place on the team more influential than Colin Fox, Patrick Harvie, Cat Boyd, Jonathon Shafi, Carolyn Leckie, Liam Mclaughlan, Sandra Webster or Frances Curran to take a small sample?

A strong #YesSSP and Green party is the only way to make sure the Nories are not rewarded for OUR work.

If Team Scotland is being convened, Yes Scotland and the groups supporting and working for that should decide who negotiates for us. Not Salmond. We are going to deliver a Yes- it is our vision that is capturing the imagination of the nation. Not Johann's, Willie's or Ruths.

Team Scotland? Let's start talking, Alex.

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