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Sunday, 20 April 2014

I was sooo tempted, but...

I was off religion for lent. Stopped it completely.

I stopped accepting that a poor carpenter, who had roamed around a desert with his mates doing good, was nailed to a big piece of wood with the foreknowledge (ENCOURAGEMENT!) of his da' who encouraged him to... In order to stop HIS psychotic urges of drowning and burning people he judged to have broken his rules.

I stopped thinking about the differences between the different hatted people I meet in the street; around coffee tables or in my work. I decided to think of them all as people, not belief systems about beings with super-powers. Weird I know. Especially as some of them are different hues. I stopped judging them for deciding, or accepting the handed down "knowledge" which aspect of these superpowers are most important.

All of this was great over the past 40 days, but I had nothing only car size and post code to help me decide who was worthy of my respect, or who to patronize.

So it is with great relief I can now get back to my belief in Sol. The oldest and truest God of all. And I'll pray for all of you, with your funny hats and Sunday best, that you may see her truth sometime soon, but in the meantime I'll look down my nose at your niavety and blindness.

I'm off to sharpen my knife. These Goats don't sacrifice themselves, you know!

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