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Monday, 21 April 2014

I Could be Happy... Redux

A review of Altered Images - I Could Be Happy 

Any song that rhymes "free" with "holiday" has to be great.

Altered Images are a group, like many of the alternative groups from the eighties who managed to straddle credibility and success, and are almost always left out from most anthologies of that amazingly musically and pop cultural creative time.

Grogan et al's contribution to the sound that became the dreadfully labelled but gorgeous "brit-pop" popularisation of non-political alt pop ( industry flag wrapped) is undersold.

This song of escape from drudge/abuse a relationship gone wrong/ parents/the UK; who knows what? Is so hopeful and so rebellious, yet so beautifully poppy, how could it fail to be the anthem of the underdog?

The lyrics are so Glaswegian in accent and character, this can be nothing less than a song of hope and independence... "get away, run away, far way, how can I escape from you?"

A pre- referendum wish. A plea for help. A want for a better future.

I used the song as a motif for my own experiences of being bullied and my putting a huge amount of clearish, pinky bluish water between me and the abuse I suffered here

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