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Thursday, 20 February 2014

#Bowie we don't need heroes, just democracy.

Let me, on the off, say I quite like a lot of David Bowie's music. The pretentiousness of his persona does not bother me, though my wife can't stand him, or the other working class Tory glam rocker I have kind of forgiven, Bryan Ferry. But this isn't about music. It is about Bowie's misjudged plea. His distance both physically and in knowledge really did nothing to persuade anyone.

My difficulty with Bowie"s call for Scotland to "stay with us" is four fold.

One, Bowie sent a lackey, in Kate Moss, to collect his award/ make his political statement. This is kind of sums up how the British colonies have been treated over the years by the aloof, unrepresentative London based media and power structures. It comes across in the same way the arms length Tories, who we in the Yes Scotland Campaign know are providing the No campaign's funding, PR and policy- ie. they pull the strings, but get others to do their dirty work.

Two- Scottish artists featured thinly at the "Brit" awards (as did Northern Ireland and Wales), Emile Sande giving an award was the only representation of the huge music scene across our country and she was only there to give an award so there was little chance if a reposte.

Thirdly, this kind of partisanship is demonised when it is about Northern Ireland. Irish politics, with roughly the same percentages of pro and anti union present in the country, is never mentioned by rock stars or any other media darlings - so the only cue for this was Cameron's call for unionists to ask us to reconsider- though I suppose with Bowie's neo- fascist past, his want to please an unelected leader shouldnt be a surprise.

Fourthly, he left the UK in 1974, unwilling to pay his tax, so can hardly say, "stay with us," as he doesn't live here, or was this an invitation for us to a sleepover in his New York or Swiss home?

Next, London tax exile in a tartan suit, Rod Stewart sending Donald Trump to woo us..?

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