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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

After Scottish Equal Marriage bill, An Irish Speech for liberation

On the day after the momentous Equal Marriage vote in the Scottish Parliament, the day when gender and sexuality stopped being an insult and our bigoted society began to mend itself (and on a day I received this text from an MSP friend-

"I was greetin, & there was a standing ovation - in Chamber & gallery! So proud to b part of history"),

we should remember that we have close neighbours who are still legally oppressed.

Ireland, the place I was born and lived in until I was 27; a place that is beautiful and full of wonderful, forward thinking people, still has the most vicious, bigotted people driving public opinion, North and South. Nasty, narrow minded people who should not be given the time of day, never mind time in the Dail or Stormont or the media.

Ireland has also been a place where great art and great speeches supporting emancipation have been made.

Connolly, Larkin, Heaney.

And now Panti. Please watch. This will go down in history.

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