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Friday, 3 January 2014

Thatcher Proved to have been a liar

Thatcher's Lies are Unacceptable.

Papers released under the 30 year rule show Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative and Unionist Government lied in order to wreck something of value to the majority of us so a minority could make money... Who knew?

Well, anyone who was paying attention.

Just like they are lying and twisting words and facts now about the privatisation of the NHS and rising poverty levels and homelessness,  caused directly by their welfare bill and supported by Liberal Democrats such as my local MP and Tory/LibDem Coalition Minister, Jo Swinson.

Those who supported and encouraged Thatcher and her lies and her lying cabinet are now firmly on the wrong side of history. They've been found out.

History will judge them harshly.

They lied to and manipulated their country- the people of the UK-us- AND BATON CHARGED AND KILLED to get their own, profitable way.

Thatcher lied when she said she and her Government had no input in the NCB fight against miners fighting for their family livelyhoods and communities. Her own notes show she was micro-managing the Tory millionaire sponsored war against working people.

Those supporting Cameron, Clegg, Iain Duncan Smith and Osborne as they literally laugh at people in poverty are on the wrong side of history. Those who support the lies and doom mongering of the Scottish referendum No campaign are on the wrong side of history.

Compare what we know now about "the terrorist," Nelson Mandela- his absolute insistence on truth - even when it meant longer for him in jail; his fight against a lying, racist Government that was supported by our Thatcherite, proven liars in Government supporting our rich elite who had interests in South African mines etc.

When we teach our children about Thatcher/Cameron /Clegg/IDS will we say, "they were truthful and stood up for what was right? They were doyens of truth and justice who faught for the weakest in society. Truth was their very foundation- and with this they defended the NHS, the poor and the working woman and man. They were principled?"

Of course we won't, because what this 30 year release of papers show, prove, is that Tories are liars who will club and shoot the poor in order to boost shares/ steal resources/ keep you in your place; and all of those who last year praised dead Thatcher, Lady 'T,' for her steely spirit etc, were praising a liar. A woman who lied for power. A woman who lied so the elite could begin the robbery of the working class. A robbery that continues under the present Westminster Government.
A woman who brought disgrace on the office of Prime Minister.

And it was no "little fib." She outright lied about her involvement in the Miners Strike. Publically. Repeatedly.

And please remember that in the coming weeks as the Tories and Liberal Democrats deny privatising the NHS; deny their policies are causing a housing crisis; deny their "bedroom tax" is a tax and in their warped, lying language calls it a "subsidy"- a "subsidy" that is throwing lots of poor and working people into debt - a subsidy only for profiteers wanting to sell off London's social housing stock; deny impoverishing thousands to the point where the Red Cross are now organising food parcels on the streets of Britain for the first time since WW2 and "foodbank" has become an accepted means to give 'benefits' in 21st century "caring Britain" where millionaires get tax breaks, 17% pay rises while the rest of us have pay freezes and literally freeze trying to ensure their dividends in their power companies increase every year.

This Tory and Liberal Democrat Government are liars too, like the Thatcher Government of 1984. Like the Thatcher admiring Blair Government who dragged us to war. And when they wanted to drag us into another war in the Middle East, they were called on their lies. We saw through them and continue to see them for what they are- because since Thatcher made it 'acceptable' to blatantly lie to the country, politicians have done it over and over again and less and less people see their lying, manipulating, twisting, Thatcherite forked tongues as anything worth voting for. 

I suspect released papers will be less candid in 30 years time as Thatcher etc had every reason to believe they would be gone when their documents were released, or at the very least it would no longer matter in their millionaires utopia. It does matter in the Ghost Town of a broken Britain their lies and greed has created. It matters that they lied to us and it matters that they have continued to lie, unbroken, since Thatcher, Redwood, Cameron did back during Queen Maggies reign.

I suspect there will be calls for the 30 year rule, that basically exists to cover liars politicians arses, to be extended to a 50 year rule.

The Archbishop of Canterbury asked us minions to be 'Mandela like.' Truthful, resolute in the face of lies and tyranny. Mandela 'the terrorist'  Cameron, Thatcher and the rest would have liked to have seen hung for his truth.

Thatcher died last year. Few, only them, will tell their children to be Thatcher like.

And remember what that is- A LIAR.

PS... (wrote this after watching News 24...)

Surprise. The BBC arent reporting that Thatcher lied.

Reportage needs to up its game. We are being failed by our mass press. I am really shocked by the omissions the BBC choose to make eg- last weeks debate in Parliament about food banks and poverty at which prominent front bench Tories laughed at stories of people's struggles for food etc and the glaring omission of the pro- NHS demonstrations and the ongoing privatisation of the NHS.

I'm also shocked that the BBC has not reported that a Thatcher Tory Government Minister wanted to drain Scotland of more money than they did. I take it this editorial decision has been made in order not to clash with Cameron's want to pretence that Scotland is a loved part of the UK, in spite of, not because of, its resource riches.

Instead the BBC is reporting Thatcher's "pragmatism," ie.ruthless lying.

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