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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Review: Ubik

I just finished Philip K. Dick's "Ubik." I really enjoyed it... But like all classics, and this is perhaps the ultimate Dick classic, the plot twists have been used by others so often, but the actual story - the lead up and the "why's" are truly original.

Set in the near future, it includes dialogue with "the near dead," psychic corporate spies and security firms, and an attack in which slacker Joe Chip and his team find themselves the victims of rapidly accelerating ageing, while time starts to run backwards.

Apparently this is going to join the ever increasing Philip K. Dick movie adaptations.

I love Dick's easy, but intelligent american mystery novel style of writing. His characters are always well rounded- and he always throws in doubt - characters you are never sure about, are they telling the truth? Are they evil or good? Why did they suddenly appear?

There are two great women characters in this story-- key to the story- who I hope are fleshed out more by a good film director. And the two main male characters - Joe Chip and his boss Runciter will need two credible actors.

A really worthwhile read. 4.75/5 and I look forward to the film!

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