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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Glasgow War Celebrations...

I am ready to be corrected- but Glasgow during WW1 had a huge anti-war movement led by Maclean, Maxton, Gallacher,Shinwell, Wheatley etc.

Isn't it a huge insult to the non-violent working class movement that made Glasgow a cold place 4 war mongers Lloyd George and Churchill,
that the first of Camerons celebrations of that dreadful, awful mass murder of its sons is to be held in Glasgow? I want to show my opposition to this by being on the steps of Glasgow Cathedral as the great and the rich celebrate the murder of my Great uncles and the mental breakdown and early death of my Great grandfather, my grandfather's early life with a father so badly affected by what he saw he wanted to kill the factory owner who urged the Loyal Sons of Ulster to march together into the hard  smurr of machine gun death, and tell them and their God to f*** off.

A God, a minister or anyone who unquestioningly marks the beginning of this war for profits and foriegn stolen lands to exploit, is a traitor to the memory of those who died and suffered.


Let me know what you think. Be kind!