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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Socialist Consumerism..?

I've been doing a lot of buying "stuff."  This is what I've bought in the past few days.

A short interview with the author on the life of Eva gore-Booth and the book HERE

I had asked this on FB: 
Could someone point to me where I could find a few old 2000AD stories- one was called, i think, "monkey on my back," about a sentient robot bomb (a future shock? Though it isn't in the future shocks collection i have...). The other two were Judge Dredd stories about a sweet that was amazingly addictive and about bubbles people could spray and then jump off buildings. Are any of these in any collections I can easily access?

So - someone replied that the two Dredd stories are in this volume.  

On the sentient Robot, a friend said, "Toby Ritty I remember that story, Neil. It was a sort of a take on 'the scorpion and the frog'. The while 'it's in my nature' idea. It was pre 1990, maybe '86-'88. It was either a Future Shock or a Ro-Busters short. Maybe a Cam Kennedy piece? Ooof, it'll come back to me...."

More info would be appreciated... 

And these for my wife... 

And I want these cushions from zazzle.co.uk...

Socialist Consumerism...


  1. I remember the "monkey on my back" story, but I seem to recall it as a "Rogue Trooper" story. Then again, my memory is fuzzy - it might have been from "The V.C.s" or Future Shocks. It must have been from the '70s or early '80s though.

  2. The addictive sweet is Umpty Candy and the spray bubble stuff was called "Boing".

  3. I found a reference to the Monkey Bomb story - this is a Future Shock story, but I still believe the concept came from one of the regular storylines - like I say, I think it was originally part of a Rogue Trooper story:


  4. oh! Thanks for this Ian!


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