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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Tory ruled Scotland

The swine who have caused starvation and poverty so bad in Scotland that for the first time since WW2, the Red Cross are going to give out food parcels, should be jailed.

This society now relies on food parcels and "food banks" to feed old people, disabled people, low paid and unemployed people while millionaires make thousands administrating this new privatised welfare system (Cameron's so called "big society").

There is no doubt about the callousness, greed and stupidity of these Tory and Liberal Democrat politicians- a huge amount of whom profit from the destruction of our safety nets and NHS.

The sad thing in Scotland is the Labour Party leadership are on the same side as the Tories and want us to vote for no change. The only way out of this dreadful new tory wrecking of lives in my opinion is to vote Yes in the Independence Referendum next year.

The Tories who find poverty funny condemed in an article by Tom Watson MP HERE

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