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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Bearded Revolution... Russell Brand vs Jeremy Paxman

The absolute snobbery of Paxman. The unfocussedness of Brand. But the truth of the man who came from nothing. A man who understands poverty, addiction, inequality, hopelessness, slavery. This is brilliant. These views never make it onto mainstream news programmes.

If this was a politician he would never got near to the studio.

 If this was a politician he would never be this honest - chained by the constraints of the lies and deceit politicos feel is necessary to hide true intention whether noble or, mostly, self serving.

What a contrast to Cameron in PM QT today.

What a contrast to Johann Lamont on BBC Newsnight Scotland tonight (or Scotland Tonight - whichever one of these dreadful programmes that never dare ask real questions anymore).

At least Paxman allowed - or was browbeaten by - Brand.

He hit a nerve. These poshos can cry about their grannies granny from 100 or more years ago on "Who do you think you are?" when they find out they had to clean other peoples pants or lived in squalor. Brand tells Paxman he met someone in that position earlier today.

These posh bastards live in ancient homes designed by the people who designed the ancient schools their ancient families paid for them to go to and on to the ancient Universities of the privileged.


The world of power belongs to them. Time to throw every part of this system on its back. time for a bearded revolution.

Beards are necessary for the coming revolution.  Make them mingle with your armpit hair... 


  1. Love this! Couldn't agree with you more. I found his 2010 interview with them both refreshing to go back and see again.

    Not sure if Paxman will take up the advice to get his beard mingled with his armpit hair!

  2. Did you see the interview last week? Quite radical- though I dont agree with Brands call not to vote. Best of worst can still be better than worst for those on the margins imho.


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