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Friday, 20 September 2013

Tories and Better Together- a strange mix

Tories really are odd characters. Especially so those in Bearsden/Milngavie. One (while giving out no campaign - Better Together - leaflets) sieg hieled me in Milngavie High St a few weeks back and another who id'd herself as a Better Together activist threatened stand beside us and shout at punters if they took Yes  leaflets from us outside Hillfoots Station this morning. She walked off angrily shouting when one of the Yes guys calmly said, "you are welcome to, but you will be interfering with the democratic process..."

And the Lib Dems... jeso. The most distrusted party in Scotland. Thank the stars that lot will disapear in the coming few years. They would sell their granny for a bit of power and publicity. Apparently Jo scowls at Yes campaigners in Westerton Station. Hardly civilised.

Labour Party... you are welcome to be together with that bunch of swivel eyed loons... but I want way from them asap.

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