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Saturday, 24 August 2013

#Indyref's #Bettertogether Pretty Vacant...

When I was a teen back in late 70's Northern Ireland I used to think my punk rock Anarchy in the UK singing loyalist pals just didnt seem to get it.  They didn't really understand the Crass or Stiff Little Fingers lyrics they drunkenly shouted while wearing their Loyal Son's of Ulster badges alongside their anarchy patches.

These no campaign #projectfear people trying to use the #nofuture symbolism of Never Mind the Bollocks really, really have no idea, in the same way, I suppose. Though art, of course can take existing pieces or reference artists and their work, is it just me, but isn't just hanging nappy pins and status quo supporting banners off a tatty union flag really empty? Kind of meaningless beyond the colours and pop art reference?

Pretty Vacant? 

It doesn't subvert the original message at all- but tries to patch up what the Sex Pistols had tore apart. The Sex Pistol's subversion is ironed out and given back to the Royals and Westminster. Punk rock and anarchy as a doilly for mad Aunt Bessie who collects all things royal.

Those who punk railed against are  reclaiming their flag with added 70's youth culture.  Political art that subverts political art - like Prince William rapping.  Like Tony Blair getting down with Oasis.

What would have been more appropriate for them? Perhaps a Status Quo album cover from the late seventies would have been better? or Splodginessabounds "Michael Booths Talking Bum..?" 

But then I see their problem.Trying to make illegal wars, nukes #bedroomtax, bankers bonuses, cuts, expenses thievery etc cool is a big job or perhaps making something so creaking and failing and uninspiring and impoverishing and vicious like imperialist, monarchist, feudal Westminster and inherited priviledge cool,  is impossible?

This is their Chumbawumba Prescott soaking moment. This is when they reassess just what they are- three centre right political parties sharing information in order to hold on to what they have.

I feel they will be relying on flute band,For God and Queen loyalist emotive symbolism next year.  Or perhaps an anniversary of Thatcher party... forced into being more honest. Their dishonesty has hit a brick wall by trying to piggybank youth culture - albeit late seventies youth culture.

What they really are doing is forcing Scots into cap doffing, yessir types by using fancy #projectfear techniques to make Scots feel shit about themselves.  Their whole raison d'etre is to play on fears and present Scotland as a backwater that will never have the talent to create a fair society. Yet this recent culture grab and mash/mess up shows were the talentless truly lie.

The talent of the talentless is to recognise talent and profit from exploiting it.

...or perhaps their recent stupidity is a ruse to try to make us complacent? Expect a Kate and William Proclaimers duet next year. Cunning plan #projectfear.


  1. Just had a truly depressing twitter exhange with a Unionist. What his positon boiled down was, Scotland is dependent on the UK...but thats not failure, thats just reality.

    message: Scotland is shit, embrace your inner brit & the sting of injured pride will pass eventually.

  2. Yes. And whether the Better Together lot are meaning to put Scots down and imply Scotland is shite or not, it is how they are coming across. A great example of message failure- and actually a great pointer of how the no campaign will just become more and more negative and fail can be had by following Robert Shorthouse (@bobbybungalow)- their comms manager. He feels the need to reply to every tweet and attack Yes campaigners with sarcasm and patronising tweets - which makes HIS twitter feed look like a scroll of negative nastiness. Now I know Rob is in real life actually quite an affable guy- friendly and open- but to take his twitter and social media cues from Loaded magazine humour and Euan McColm's pretence of being in control/misunderstanding of how social media works is laughable. This is no bad thing for the Yes campaign- but really questionable strategic thinking from someone in control of a multi-million pound comms strategy. It wi be interesting to see how the campaign for a no will play out sticking to the strategy created by this man. And how long he and his team last after this weeks failure to concentrate on the big story that someone has been hacking the Yes campaign I.T. and using gleaned information in the referendum battle against Yes- ie. in support of their no campaign.


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