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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Yes Westerton meeting today...

One thing all of us here have in common is we want a better world for ourselves, our families and our children.

The campaign is choc full of ideas and there are three main political parties involved as well as non and cross party organisations.

The parties involved are the SSP of which I am a member, the SNP and the Greens.

The vision we have for the route to a better Scotland doesnt really differ that much- but check our websites or speak to us about what our visions are. We all want a fair Scotland- the SSP believe that socialism is the step towards fairness.  All of us agree that a Yes next year will create the ground on which the seeds of equality will be sown.

After independence, we will be arguing for our manifesto within a new political landscape, as will all of the other groupings on the Scottish political spectrum.

Like the Westminster parties, we cant say what the economy is going to be like in two years time, but what we do know is that all of what we produce and create, after independence, will be for the people of Scotland to decide how it is used- not bankers and economists and George Osborne like Etonians.

Yes Scotland is not just another political organisation.

Yes Scotland is the people of Scotland.

If you think of the want for a Yes for a better, fairer Scotland on 18 September 2014 -as a surfer- you -we- are the wave that will deliver that YES to the beaches of Tiree, Ardrossan, Stornaway and Queensferry.

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