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Friday, 22 March 2013

Westminster Laundering Leeches

A leech is a parasite with the ability to suck your blood without you noticing.

Sellafield *shutting down*  twice this week shows the dreadful dangers we are flirting with in allowing the tax stealing corporations to open another nuclear money laundering outfit.

All of the present nuclear programmes and future ones are there in order to be subsidised by our tax money- which then goes to corporate share holders in companies owned by the Tory buddies of the Etonian theives currently holed up in the centre of power- ie. Downing Street and Westminster.

The present leeches in Government have ok'ed billions of pounds to be thrown into the coffers of arms manufacturer and dealer friends and industrial "leaders" who earn the name leech, because they numb us and we don't notice they are there. They are sucking the resources earned by the millions of workers and paid by them as insurance that they and others use when times are hard. When the paymasters decide they arent needed any more. The secret bleeding is blamed on those who have been already drained and who have given their all to the leeches. Secret leeches who take the millions of pounds that could help the vulnerable who have been unable to be exploited. Inconvenient people who cant be wage slaves.

All of the time, our taxes are given over to projects we do not need, but conveniently cannot be openly costed because of "national security." The leeches dont care about the dangers- because they have so many of our resources they can fly out to their islands and away from anything Sellafield or Faslane leaks or explodes into our atmosphere. They don't care because they can claim blank cheques from our tax banks.

These people are laundering money through nukes and nuke power and have now turned to our educarion system and NHS to leech more of our money.

The UK leeching *democratic* system needs broken up. Scotland start with a Yes on September 18th 2014.

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