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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Eostremounth

I always find it odd that amongst Christian cultural celebrations that impact on me a lot, for example the facts that

1 as i sit here, the telly is showing the Pope and thousands of people worshipping him
2 my work was halted on Thursday for "Good Friday"
3 my family have went to church
4 my nephews (i am in ireland at the mo) all recieved easter eggs
5 as did my son
6 the school I work in had a christian easter service
7 the newspapers are all covering this etc etc etc... I am not supposed to comment.

If I make a comment, as one Christian has just done after I posted a comment challenging the historicity of the European Easter Spring festival on facebook,  I am a 'Marxist attacker.' (he went on to ask why Marxists have to attack Christians... He would need to ask them that).

Yet Christians comment on things that are none of their business all the time; like gay love; women God worshippers; womens reproductive rights etc.

So Christians- if you are in my face-as you are today- I will comment.

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