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Monday, 18 March 2013

Fuck Off.

Adopt this pic from the brilliant film "Kes," as a basic "viccy" to the current vicious capitalist numbing lying society we are living in.

Sod off advertisers, PR men and capitalist media.

Sod off anyone selling a better life through bullshit products I dont need or dont want.

Sod off the government who want to take take take to give their millionaire friends who are stealing my NHS and education system.

Sod off the government who are impoverishing millions to enrich themselves and their corporate friends.

And fuck off anyone who feels the greater good is served by the misery of others- go live the life you are imposing on others and see what it feels like you rich, cossetted nasty greedy fucks.

And fuck off rape appologists from the left right or centre. You are beyond the pale.

If you agree- use this pic as your avatar.

Nuff said.

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