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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ambition... For the common good or for yourself?

Quite  disheartening being with personally ambitious people "with good ideas." People without a core want for social justice are draining. Power and ideas for self aggrandisement or a slap on the back from the hierarchy drags all around you down.

In The Thick of It drove the nail into the slab of oak when they showed the Tories sitting in a circle throwing the ball at each other. As the unprincipled lot caught the ball, they congratulated each other on ideas that were more and more draconian and bizarre.

Nasty back biting and refusal to step outside a power hierarchy for the common good drives politics.

It can't drive positive campaigns.

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  1. I am still glad to be in a principled political party who emerged, startled in 2003 to find they had 6 MSPs. 4 out of those 6 stuck to principle. All lost their seats in the next Scottish Parliament- 4 because they were too principled to protect a sexual preditor and 2 because of their insistence on lies and deceit. The funny thing is, through different organisations I am now involved with, I find unprincipled politics is the norm. So disheartening. So enlightening... But unfortunately what I had suspected.


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